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Christian is available to record drums for Demos, EPs and Full Albums either in his Home Studio or at a studio of your choice in Melbourne.

Christian has a wide selection of Pearl drums and Zildjian Cymbals and is able to get a variety of tones from Old school vintage funk vibes right through to Modern Pop/Rock.

Christian's Gear:

Pro Tools (44.1, 48, and 96kHz available)

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 x8 inputs 

MIDAS XL48 (ADAT to Focusrite) x 8 inputs


Kick - Audix D6 (in) /Shure PG52 (out) /Subkick

Snare - Audix i5 top/Audix D1 bottom

Hats - Audio-Technica AT4041

Toms - Audix D2

Floor Tom - Audix D4

OH - Audix ADX51 x2

Room - 2 x Rode NT1A (stereo)

Clients will get the multi-tracks completely RAW via Dropbox or another cloud service of your choice. Christian can also supply another version of the multi-track files with his preferred EQ and Compression settings printed at no extra cost. Payment is done via PayPal. Number of revisions and edits to be agreed upon before the start of the recording.

Example of Christian's Home Studio sound

No verb/ No compression/ Only EQ