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After 16 years of being an Instrumental Music teacher, and 26 years in the music biz, Christian now offers Online Coaching/Mentoring sessions for Teens and Adult music students wanting to get into the music industry/or who are returning to the music industry after a hiatus, or who might already be in the music industry and are trying to plan their next move. These 1hr online sessions can be ongoing or one off, and would predominately suit musicians playing original music, but the content and learning modules can also be applied to cover and tribute band musicians too (Christian has done both)

Whether you're wanting to get in your first band and want to know the many Do's and Don'ts of the industry, or maybe you're returning to music later in life, Christian is confident that his 20+ years in the music industry (national/international touring and recording experience) can help guide and steer you towards positive outcomes while avoiding the many mistakes that some musicians make along the way.

The session content is tailored to each individual, and clients are encouraged to share some of what they want to cover ahead of time so Christian can plan and customise the lesson content for them, but the most common things that students want to know about are:

  • How to get into a band or where to find other like minded band members

  • The importance of being a stylistically versatile musician

  • Personality issues within bands and how to add the most value to your band or project (what skills might you already possess that make you an asset to your band (Graphic Design/ Financial, do you cook mean parmas for the boys and gals in the band etc)

  • What's the best hearing protection on the market atm and what kind of attenuation should you be aiming for?

  • Navigating through your Online Social Media presence to get yourself out there

  • Helping to shape your 'tone' and understanding where your tone fits on the EQ frequency spectrum (is your tone Sound Engineer friendly and does it work in a mix?)

  • Building your own unique brand and sound

  • The importance of playing to a click and how to operate playback backing tracks (Simple solutions using iPods/MP3 players right up to multi track stems using Pro Tools and QLab etc)

  • Setting up a Home Studio set up (selecting the right Computer, DAW, Monitors and Interface for your budget)

  • Different types of acoustic treatment for your studio or music space

  • Why most musicians are using In Ear Monitors these days and how to get your own IEM set up (hard wired or wireless)

  • Designing your band's stage plot and input list for sound engineers

  • How to keep your band's soundchecks efficient and productive (help with identifying what you want to hear in your stage monitors or In Ear Monitors)

  • Why most big touring bands are playing along to clicks with auxiliary backing tracks/sync'd video etc and how incorporating backing tracks into your band can help your sound and consistency

  • Travel and logistics of tours

  • How to navigate the challenges of using backline gear/other people's gear

  • For drummers that are already in bands, I can provide guidance on how to best "Play for the Song" and ensure that your grooves and fills are helping to build the dynamics and flow/energy of each song that you play!!

This online coaching/mentoring service is open to musicians of all instruments. Sessions are done using Zoom and can be one off consults or reoccurring weekly/fortnightly. Clients get a copy of the video file from each session sent to them to use as reference material.


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