Christian offers drum lessons from his home studio in Melbourne.

Christian builds a completely customised curriculum based around the student’s strengths as well as addressing areas for improvement, while maintaining a fun and engaging drumming program.

He uses many different teaching methods including his own drumming syllabus as well as using modern popular backing tracks to provide the most well rounded and inspiring lessons possible. 

Christian also offers exam opportunities through both ANZCA and AMEB Rock School organisations.  Exams are a fantastic way for students to consolidate their skills, and help students build performance skills and discipline/resilience.

Some topics that Christian's drum lessons focus on are:

  • Developing strong fundamentals and technique 

  • Introduction to basic Rock Beats and Fills for beginners

  • Developing timing and playing to a metronome 

  • Learning how to play along with songs and stay in time

  • Developing dynamics and then being able to implement dynamics in the student's playing

  • Different Styles of music (Rock, Latin, Jazz, Country, Blues etc)

  • Developing a strong drumming vocabulary that encourages the student to build their own sound

  • Improvisation 

  • Applying existing drumming skills into a real band situation (how to play for the song)

Christian also records audio sections of the lessons to send to students and/or parents, for students to be able to reference and facilitate home practice. Christian also sets weekly practice tasks for students in their Drumming Diary so each student knows exactly what and how to practice each week, guaranteeing maximum productivity. 

All students receive a free pair of Vic Firth 5A drum sticks upon enrolling.

Click here to contact Christian via email for more information and prices.

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