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Motivational Speaker for VCE/VET Music Students in Secondary Schools


Christian Nativo is a Motivational Speaker/Online Coach/ Educator and Drummer based in Melbourne.

During the last 26 years of being immersed in the music industry and developing a wealth of performance/recording/touring and general industry related best practice experience, Christian has now developed an engaging presentation that caters towards VCE/ VET Music students in schools all around Victoria to help prepare them if they would like to journey into the Australian Music Industry. Christian delivers a 45min-1 hour structured power-point accompanied, motivational session with handouts, student participation, give away prizes and take home material, which touches on the vce/vet music curriculum, but also shares insight on how to get into the music industry, potential challenges that might be faced, the importance of developing self belief and resilience, effective practice strategies to maintain consistent progress and artistic development, building a confident and consistent 'sound' and 'brand', how to combat stage fright/nerves, how to perform/put on a show, effective stage craft strategies and how to maintain a positive mindset in a challenging industry.

Christian will present an immersive and inclusive talk to help encourage and inspire students to continue their music education pathways, further their engagement in bands/ensembles, encourage further artistic development and provide students with valuable, real-world information to help them transition from VCE/VET Music into the music industry.

Christian supplies the Laptop computer/ PowerPoint presentation with wireless remote control/laser pointer, wireless headset microphone and PA speakers.  Christian can also include a guest drumming performance (a drum kit would need to be supplied.) 

Christian also takes time to explain his Acronym for the word MUSIC and what music means to him:





Music truly is the universal language of the world which has the abiltiy to unite people regardless of their skin colour, gender or other beliefs.
Students are reminded that the number one thing they should be striving for is to develop their skills on their instrument. The skill that they spend hours and years developing is their vessel towards succcess.
Students start to develop their own sound when they're encouraged to innovate on their instrument. This could consist of exploring new and fresh techniques and sounds that set them apart from others.
Once students develop healthy and consistent practice habits, the feeling of gaining momentum on their instrument gives students the confidence to keep growing and improving which sets them up for life.
Students progress and show significant engagement when they display commitment towards practice and growing as a musician. Long term commitment demonstrates discipline and a longing for improvement which is one of the many recipes needed for success.






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