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Christian is available on drum kit or percussion to do Pub gigs, Weddings, Corporate events (DJ&Percussion or drum kit with full band), Tribute band gigs and tours.

Christian has a reliable range of both modern and vintage gear that can be tailored to stylistically suit any gig, as well as a wide range of electronics if needed. He has over 15 years experience in the cover band/corporate band & original band scenes having performed a wide variety of musical styles from Jazz and Latin right through to Rockabilly/Funk and Rock. He has a passion for always serving the music with the right amount of dynamics, groove and energy.  Christian also has a full in ear monitor set up with his own mixer to run backing tracks and clicks.

Christian has extensive experience running playback rigs using:

  • Pro Tools

  • Logic

  • QLab 

  • BackTrax (ipod)

Click here to view Christian's repertoire of over 780 songs.

Photos of Christian's gear are on the sliding photo galleries to the left and right.

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